Single-zone Ductless Heat Pump 9,000 BTU - MSZ-FE09NA, MUZ-FE09NA

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Single-zone Ductless Heat Pump 9,000 BTU - MSZ-FE09NA, MUZ-FE09NA

Single-zone Ductless Heat Pump 9,000 BTU - MSZ-FE09NA, MUZ-FE09NA

Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners and mini split heat pump products are high-end products for both commercial and residential applications across the globe. There are many manufacturers of ductless mini splits but none can match Mitsubishi's commitment to quality, nationwide parts availability, fast installation and technical support. Mr. Slim features the lowest failure rate and warranty repair incidence of any brand.

Mitsubishi single-zone ductless mini split heat pump system, consists of indoor unit MSZ-FE09NA with remote controller, and outdoor unit MUZ-FE09NA


Standard features:

  • High Performance 22 SEER, 10.55 HSPF
  • Full capacity cooling - 12,000 Btu/h and exceptional heating performance of 13,600 Btu/h.
  • Inverter-driven DC Compressor operates at high efficiency with outstanding reliability
  • Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) Control aligns electrical input wave to improve electrical power factor up to 98%
  • Powerful Mode provides 15 minutes of extra high-power cooling or heating
  • iSee Sensor solves temperature differences throughout the room by controlling airflow based on actual conditions sensed from floor to ceiling
  • A-Control for unit wiring allows communication and power between outdoor and indoor units on three wires
  • Anti-allergy enzyme filter which uses artificial blue enzyme catalyst on the filter filaments to capture harmful microbes
  • Hybrid Catechin Pre-filter fibers infused with a bioflavinoid found in green tea that has antiviral and antioxidant properties
  • Optional connection to wired remote control -MAC-3971IF-E connects to the M-Net - CITY MULTI Controls Network
  • Optional M-Net advanced system control -MAC-3991IF-E connects to the M-Net - CITY MULTI Controls Network
  • Plus: Econo-Cool mode, 1°F step temperature setting, self-diagnostic function, swing mode (up and down), auto restart, dry mode operation


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