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Sanyo Eco-I Systems

Sanyo ECO-I VRF Systems

Sanyo’s ECO-i Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems have been developed to be ecologically sound and energy efficient. These commercial ductless systems designed for hospitals, nursing homes, and other commercial properties. They use an inverter-driven compressor to maintain a constant temperature, thus saving energy and keeping the environment at a comfortable temperature. Indoor units include ductless wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed and concealed-ducted types. SANYO's ECO-i 96,000 BTU Heat Recovery Series offers the ability to heat and cool different zones simultaneously. Offering all the features of our standard heat pump series, the 3-Way solution can offer even higher energy savings for the building owner.

The Sanyo ECO-I VRF system is an all-inclusive industrial system that is designed for maximized comfort, control and efficiency. The system touts an impressive instant temperature adjustment scheme designed to create an optimum comfort level by automatically altering the temperature based on the conditions inside the room. Additionally, the system's intricate control system can handle up to 128 ductless units and allows for both master and individual control. Furthermore, a great feature is the non-intrusive nature of its installation. Unlike some other duct-based systems, these require no ductwork and do not undermine the structure of the building. The units are also small enough to be carried in elevators, which helps facilitate a hassle-free installation.

Comfort is a Priority

Comfort is one of the greatest achievements of the Sanyo ECO-I VFR system. The system automatically adjusts to always changing sun exposure, wind and heat-load capacity to create the most comfortable room conditions possible. This means that you no longer have to worry about adjusting each individual zone if one side of the building is exposed to the sun and another is not. Instead, both sides will immediately compensate accordingly, keeping you comfortable throughout any conditions that occur during the day. Additionally, all the ductless units in ECO-I system provide both heating and cooling, so there are no worries about having to install different systems for the environment you want to create in your building.

Awesome Control

The Sanyo ECO-I VRF system sports one of the most sophisticated control systems currently on the market. The system allows for both individual and multi-zone control. This great benefit allows you to choose how you want to control your system, whether it is on a small, more regulated individual level, or a master control scheme. Using the multi-zone controller, you can operate all the zones at the same time. By using this master complex you can ease your mind about having to control each room separately. Additionally, another great feature of an ECO-I system is the seven day advanced timer. You can program your ductless units a week in advance, thus allowing for peace of mind and providing you with more time to focus on other, more substantial items throughout your week.

Maximum Efficiency

Sanyo ECO-I VRF systems create a more sustainable and controlled environment. The system is designed for optimum air quality, which could potentially reduce sick days and insurance claims. To maximize its efficiency, the system has an automatic back-up compressor that will activate if the main compressor ever goes down. This feature provides you with even greater peace of mind as you will not have a larger burden placed upon your business during a crucial time. Additionally, the system only uses as much power as necessary to properly heat and/or cool your building. This will help not only reduce energy costs in the long run, but aids in future environmental sustainability as well. Sanyo ECO-I is smarter technology—gone are the days of simple on/off full central units.


VRF Zoning System Features

VRF zoning is a method of providing precise comfort control to buildings with multiple floors and areas by moving refrigerant through piping to the zone to be cooled or heated. VRF zoning systems can simultaneously cool some zones while heating others. Regardless of time of day, sun or shade, season of the year or special requirements, VRF zoning systems provide personalized comfort to each zone or space. Read more...





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