Noritz's Modulating High-Efficiency NH Series Wall-hung Boiler

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Noritz Tankless Boilers

Noritz's Modulating High-Efficiency NH Series Wall-hung Boiler


Noritz's New, Innovative, Fully Modulating High-Efficiency Copper Fin Wall-hung Boiler - NH Series

Noritz is the first tankless water heater manufacturer to introduce ASME certified tankless hydronic boilers for both residential and commercial use. The NH hydronic boiler share the same features as our commercial tankless hot water heaters-energy efficient, environmentally friendly and engineered to provide endless hot water for all applications. Dramatically smaller in size, Noritz tankless hydronic boilers weigh only 66 pounds versus a conventional boiler's weight of over 300 pounds. They also offer 9 temperature settings for hydronic heating in your commercial building.

Condensing vs. Non-Condensing

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Combustion gases all contain a certain amount of water. When gas is burned the water is converted to water vapor. As the gases cool in the flue, the water condenses and runs back down the flue pipe to the heat exchanger. This "condensate" contains Hydrochloric acid that is extremely corrosive to most ferrous metals.

There are two solutions to this problem. One is to burn the gas at a hot enough temperature to evacuate the gas before condensation occurs. This is done in a "non-condensing" type of boiler. The other option is to deal with the condensate by building the flue pipes and heat exchanger out of materials that can handle the caustic nature of the condensate and then treating the condensate so it can be drained into the sewer system without damaging the infrastructure. This method is costly and troublesome to maintain but it produces greater efficiency numbers. This is what condensing boilers do. However, when operating at a high temperature and with a small Delta "T" (temperature differential), even "condensing" boilers do not condense. In these cases, it is a waste of money·to pay a premium for high-efficiency "condensing" boilers that do not condense.·

By tracking the load closely and operating at just below the dew point (point at which condensate is produced) Noritz boilers give the ultimate in efficiency without the added product, installation, and maintenance costs of a condensing boiler system.·By purchasing a Noritz boiler you can achieve the best of both worlds, low initial cost and long-term operating (in-service) efficiency, all in a compact, 66 pound, wall-hung unit!

Noritz has bettered itself again! By improving tankless technology and modifying it to meet the demands of North America's hydronic heating market. Noritz has changed the face of existing systems by developing:

  • Considerably thicker, commercial-grade copper heat exchangers, coated to resist corrosion.
  • Dual-flame burners that allow for stable burn under adverse conditions.
  • Fully modulating burner that gives very good turn down ratios and excellent tracking of system demand.
  • Standard Integrated Priority controls for DHW and Hydronic heating systems from a single controller in the boiler's front panel
  • Direct Vent design for installation in most locations in the house
  • Dramatically reduced pressure loss through the heat exchanger
  • High temperature capability (180 deg.F)
  • Minimal moving parts; only the fan and flow switch are moving parts, means low maintenance
  • Durable, fully solid state controls

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Fully Modulating Burner

Most boilers in the <200,000 btu category come with an on/off firing burner. This means that the total output of the boiler is produced until the demand is satisfied, usually leaving a residual amount of unused heat in the boiler and system. Then the boiler waits until the demand rises to the set point and the burner fires again. This creates a wasteful pattern of too hot/too cool conditions within the boiler and the system as shown in the graph below. Energy waste and system imbalance are natural results of this type of system. Optional multi-stage burners are sometimes available and they will reduce the severity of this problem. However, they will not eliminate it.

The Noritz boiler is equipped with a fully modulating burner that tracks the needs of the system precisely and provides only the amount of energy required to maintain system set point. This reduces the amount of times the boiler has to turn on and off, dramatically reducing wear and tear on moving parts in the system such as thermostatic controls, pumps and automatic valves. Zone controls and valves also have to work less. Overall, this highly efficient methodology can equate to as much as 50% less fuel consumed to satisfy the same demand!

In combination with a highly efficient heat exchanger, Noritz uses this technology to provide the utmost in operating efficiency. For more information see the Boiler Specification Sheet, or request a FREE quote




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