High Efficiency Boilers Reviews

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High Efficiency Boilers Reviews

High Efficiency Boilers Reviews

High Efficiency Boiler Reviews – Some Recommendations

A high efficiency tankless boiler is a great way to extract the maximum amount of energy used to heat water. It can result in overall efficiency gains of 10 to 12% versus conventional boilers. Here we’ll discuss some high efficiency boiler reviews and provide some further recommendations.

High efficiency tankless boilers achieve better energy utilization by taking waste gases created during the combustion process and recovering the latent heat in water vapor which would otherwise get vented the atmosphere. The water vapor is turned into a condensate which is drained off.

Many fine manufacturers design and produce a variety of high efficiency boilers. They can also be used in retrofit applications. However for these purposes, we will review several popular models and types of new high efficiency boilers.

The Bosch Greenstar 57 is a 57,000 BTU output high efficiency boiler which is powered by natural gas. It contains cast-aluminum sections and features sealed combustion technology (direct vent) which further reduces energy consumption by eliminating air infiltration. This tankless boiler can be used for a variety of applications including residential, light commercial, indirect fired water heating and radiant heating.

Another great product to consider is the Baxi HT380. It is environmentally friendly, green appliance. Baxi heating boilers are the most popular type around the World for gas central heating systems. Reliable, durable, convenient and easy to install, wall-hung boilers are also economical to run. If you need efficient tankless heating boiler and space is at a premium in your property, then a Baxi heating boiler is the right choice for you - delivering all the warmth you want with maximum efficiency.

A top feature in this boiler is the unique condensate system which has a built in neutralizer and float switch protection. The units also feature stainless steel burners and heat exchangers, 120 volt operation, and LoNOx operation.

Any of the products reviewed here will make excellent choices when it comes to a new high efficiency boiler. You can get additional details on any one of them through the Internet or by contacting the manufacturer. You can also find details and ratings on other types through many sources posted on the Internet.

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