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Going green

Take your first step toward going green - BAXI

How can you take your first step toward going green? Quite simply, it starts in your home.

Lowering your home's energy consumption not only saves you money every month and helps aid the environment - it also increases the value of your home. Energy Efficiency Building Performance Standards study concluded that home values increase by $20 per dollar reduced in annual utility costs.

As more North American residents seek to build a better future for their families and make the world greener, proven European hydronic heating technology is emerging as a reasonable home appliance investment. Italian-made Baxi wallhung boilers, for instance, enable homeowners to save fuel, money, space and the environment, while increasing the resale value of their homes. 

Field tests in produced fuel consumption and gas bill savings of up to 59 percent a month. The test involved installing a natural gas-fired Baxi Luna combination heating and tankless hot water boiler, together with a hydronic heater (air handler), in a 1,900 square-foot home. Other highlights of the field test included:

  • Family members found hydronic heating to be much more comfortable than their previous forced-air furnace system. 
  • The boiler's endless hot-water- on-demand function eliminated arguments about running out of hot water during morning showers. 
  • Homeowners expected to save up to $1,000 a year by reducing natural gas use by 530 therms. 
  • Fuel consumption savings were equal to greenhouse gas emissions of 2.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Studies show it would take parking a car for more than six years, or planting an acre of trees to produce the same positive environmental impact.

Baxi wallhung boilers are Energy Star rated and certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. When installed and commissioned by qualified technician, they can achieve energy efficiencies ranging from 86 to 98 percent respectively. For further information contact our product specialists or request a FREE quote:

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