Baxi Luna 3 Comfort 310

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Baxi Luna 3 Comfort 310

Baxi Luna 3 Comfort 310

Baxi Group has been producing Baxi Luna standard efficiency boilers since the 1960s. Baxi combination boilers are the most popular type around the World for gas hot water production and central heating systems. Reliable, durable, convenient and easy to install, wall-hung boilers are also economical to run.

If you need efficient tankless combi boiler and space is at a premium in your property, then a Baxi combination boiler is the right choice for you - delivering all the warmth and hot water you want with maximum efficiency.


  • ASME H-Stamp
  • Energy Star and CSA
  • Up to 86% efficient
  • DHW flow rate of 3.9 US gpm @ (▲T 80ºF)
  • Ideal for high temperature applications, including hydronic air handler, wall or baseboard radiator
  • Suitable for low temperature in-floor radiant heating, as well as custom systems like snowmelt
  • Preassembled, allows easy installation
  • Modulates from up to 105,776 BTU/hr output  down to 35,486
  • Adjustable burn rate to meet heat load
  • Compact, measuring 17 ¾”W x 13 ½ D x 30"H
  • Direct vent, sealed combustion
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Closet-installation approved
  • Reduces mechanical room from 100 sq ft to 6 sq ft, saving valuable floor space
  • Comes with controller (sets up in ºF or Cº), valve kit, and built-in components
  • User friendly diagnostic digital display and frontal access for easy troubleshooting
  • For more information visit BAXI boilers page


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